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Law Working Papers
Its is under Construction
Common Databases
PDF Search Engine
 (If you're looking for a downloadable PDF manual, handbook, instruction manual, eBook download or any other free PDF documents or digital articles this PDF search engine can help you)
BASE  (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)
ROAR Content Search (Registry of Open Access Repositories)
OpenDOAR  (Directory of Open Access Repositories)
JURN  (Jorn Ultzon Research Network)
 (It is a search-engine dedicated to indexing free ‘open access’ ejournals in the arts and humanities, along with other arts and scholarly publications offering free content.)

(You can read, in one place,  million Books, articles, manuals around the web  new documents read each day and   curated books added daily)

Dictionary, References
Language Translation
Infolibrarian (Information for Librarian)
LIS Links : A Virtual Community of Indian LIS Professionals

Currency Converter

Reserve Bank of India Exchange Rate
GOC Conversion Rate
Universal Currency Converter 
GCI Financial Real-time Currency converter   

My Law Library (New)


My Science & Technology Library (Old)
My General Virtual Library (Old)
My medical Virtual Library (Old)

(All the Links of Old Libraries may not be accessible as it requires modification)







Compiled by

T. B. Ghosh, Librarian

Auro University, Surat

Former Librarian  IBS (ICFAI Business School) , Ahmedabad

Retired Librarian, S. V. National Institute of Technology, Surat)


This is under process if you 'd like to suggest a source to be added to this collection, please send the title along with URL to :



    University of Pennsylvania Online Science Book Archive

  • QA: Mathematics and Computer Science
  • QB-QE: Physical Sciences
  • QB: Astronomy
  • QC: Physics







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